08-03-2018 - Australian Craft Brewers

With the boom in small brewery and distillery start-ups, comes increasing demand to provide high quality and reliable Unattended steam raising plant .. something the Hunt Boilers group have specialised in for more than 40 years. View Press Release.

16-02-2018 - New Fulton VSRT Boilers

The all new Fulton Vertical Spiral Rib Tubeless Steam Boiler range will be available mid to late 2018 in Australia. The VSRT sets new world standards for specification, lower environmental impact, and boiler thermal efficiency performance. View Press Release.

14-12-2017 - Case Study | VSRT Pabst Brewery USA

At the outset, it required careful selection of the equipment to heat water used to steep the grains. It required the purchase of a good boiler needed to make a good brew - Fulton really stepped up with the VSRT-30 View Press Release.

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