Hunt HEFec Flex Watertube Steam Boilers

The Hunt HEFec range of Flex watertube boilers has been created to minimise overall space requirements, while still focusing on optimal energy efficiency with the incorporation of the most up-to-date technology available. 

The design includes special stainless steel baffles that promote four pass hot gas circulation in the boiler, together with an integrated Flue Based Economiser (FBE), that work to ensure excellent heat transfer rates and the best possible recovery of any remaining latent heat. 

They are manufactured in our Hunt Boilers' Victorian workshops and our International facilities, configured for Unattended operation and are available in standard form from 850 kW to 2000 kW.

The HEFec range is provided with standard design pressure of 1200 kPa, and is suitable for a wide range of fuels including Natural Gas, LPG, CSG, Bio Gas, Oil and various dual fuel options.

The key features of the product range include:

  • Conservative heat transfer rates with over sized heating services
  • Smaller footprint than traditional water tube boilers, without compromising efficiency
  • Incorporating four pass hot gas circulation and integrated two pass FBE technology for very low energy costs
  • Large steam and water drums to increase accumulation to better meet fluctuating demands
  • Inspection openings fitted to water and steam drums to enable effective inspection
  • Side panels are removable providing excellent access to combustion spaces
  • Fully packaged complete with feed water pumps
  • Water level controls fitted directly into boiler drum
  • High class finish and appearance
  • Higher pressure models also available
HEF400ec side view fitted out with actuated diversion valve to ensure correct water flows through the economiser at all timesHEF400ec front view fitted out with Natural Gas burner and PLC based control systemHEF400ec back view complete with platforms providing access to gauge glasses and main steam valve
HEF600ec back view with insulation and fixed panels removedHEF600ec side view configured for installation complete with platformsHEF600ec side view with insulation and removable panels lifted
HEF400ec side view configured for installation complete with platformsHEF400ec back view configured for installation complete with platformsHEFec total of six flue gas passes, four primary and two within FBE economiser
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