Fulton VANTAGE Condensing Boilers

The Fulton Vantage Condensing Boiler incorporates the latest in energy saving design technology that will enable boiler efficiencies of greater than 95% to be achieved.  

The product has been designed with a linkageless modulation control system, with air and gas servo motors being  independently operated using a multiple point load profile.  This configuration provides precise temperature control along with consistent and reliable boiler operation throughout varying environmental conditions and turndown ranges.

The Fulton Vantage Condensing Boiler is available in four capacities ranging in size from 586 kW to 1758 kW, with a maximum working pressure of 1,100 kPa.

The key features of the product range include:

  • Significantly lower fuel costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Durable and reliable construction 
  • Traditional fire tube design with burner design supporting ultra-high efficiency
  • Large pressure vessel volumes result in the boiler being exceptionally tolerant of varying load conditions
  • All condensing areas manufactured from Duplex grades of stainless steel 
  • Low maintenance
  • Fully packaged complete with burner and control panel
  • Low operating noise levels
Fulton Vantage VTG-4000 1172 kW Hot Water Condensing Boiler Fulton Vantage cut-away showing gas passes and self draining condenser
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