Hunt Economisers

Hunt Boilers are conscious of providing products that reduce the energy required to produce steam.

The fitting of a flue gas economiser will typically recover between 3% and 6% of normally wasted energy, depending on the feed water temperature.  They can be supplied as part of original equipment orders, or retrofitted to just about any steam boiler installation.

Our standard economisers are configured as a vertical tube arrangement manufactured from corrosion resistant steel with extended fin tube.

Our enclosures are gas tight with a high temperature insulated cover.  They are designed so that they will operate at 100% of their designed duty without bypassing any flue gas or feedwater.

The key features of the product range include:

  • Increase steam boiler efficiency by up to 6%
  • All pressure parts from fully welded construction
  • All pressure components manufactured from suitable grades of corrosion resistant steel
  • Self draining of condensate to waste when required
  • Low maintenance
Full 3-D modelling to prove all design parameters prior to first productionStainless steel economiser to suit 10MW D-type water tube steam boilerTypical gas and water flow for the Hunt Boilers' economiser
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