Hunt ENVIROPAK Condensing Boilers

The Hunt ENVIROPAK range of condensing boilers are designed to provide an effective packaged solution, while still being at the forefront of energy efficiency.

The range is based on a firetube wet back three pass principle with the addition of a heat recovery condensing circuit. 
Assuming an inlet gas temperature of 200ºC being provided to the heat recovery section, efficiencies of greater than 94.5% are achieved when measured in accordance with BS7190 and BS845.

They are manufactured in our Hunt Boilers' Victorian workshops and in standard form are available in capacities ranging in size from 300 kW to 2500 kW, with a maximum working pressure of up to a 540 kPa. (higher pressures are available)  
The key features of the product range include:

  • Significantly lower fuel costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Minimal additional pressure drop is induced so standard forced draft burners are suitable
  • Designed to be fully compliant with the requirements of AS1210 and AS4343 
  • All condensing areas manufactured from suitable grades of stainless steel 
  • Minimal refractories: wet back principle
  • Low maintenance
  • Complete water space around furnace
  • Fully packaged complete with burner and control panel
  • Low operating noise levels
ENV300 in standard trim, natural gas fired using forced draft packaged burnerENV1500 in standard trim, natural gas fired using forced draft packaged burner
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