Hunt Heat Recovery Condensing Units

Hunt Boilers Heat Recovery Condensing Units (HRCU) are designed to fit to our TN-AR Hot Water Heater range, or can effectively be retrofitted to most other brands of industrial hot water heaters.

Depending on the return water temperature from the circulating system, our HRCU can gain up to 10% heat recovery over and above the current typical 83% efficiency of the TN-AR, or other similar products.

After fitment of our HRCU you can expect to consume less input energy, while reducing flue related greenhouse gasses.  This not only saves you money, but also significantly reduces any environmental impact.

Energy recovery is largely achieved by utilizing the latent heat released by condensing the water vapour in the flue gases when cooled below its dew point.

The key features of the Forbes and Hunt Boilers HRCU product range include:

  • Significantly lower fuel costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions through increased efficiency
  • Minimal additional pressure drop for both the water and flue gas circuits
  • Standard materials of construction include stainless steel heat exchanges, water collectors and flue collectors
  • Standard maximum working pressure is 1,500 kPa.
  • Easy access to inspection points allowing effective heat exchanger cleaning if required
Typical gas and water flows for flue gas heat recovery Products manufactured from stainless steel to resist corrosion The finished product fully insulated to minimise latent heat escape
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