Siemens LMV Burner Management

Hunt Boilers recommend the use of the Siemens LMV burner management system.  It is a compact solution suitable for the control and supervision of single or dual-fuel forced draft burners of medium or large capacity.

The LMV uses two powerful microprocessors to ensure parallel handling of all signals via two channels.  The signals are continuously compared with one another to help verify the validity of the data.

The LMV control system is designed to be matched with an extensive range of components such as temperature and pressure sensors, gas valves, continuous Oxygen trim systems, and variable speed fan motor interfaces.

The LMV system ensures accurate positioning of the air and fuel dampers and enables rapid response to changes in demand.

The key features of the product range include:

  • Significant energy input savings in both fuel and electricity
  • Simple to commission and operate
  • Integrated gas valve proving
  • Wide range of communication interfaces
  • Combustion optimization via Oxygen Gas trim control
  • Effective diagnostic and status information
The LMV solution provides for a wide range of burner control requirements associated with most gas or oil fired systems.The Siemens LMV Innovative electronic air-fuel ratio control provides an effective and efficient solution for heat control systems.
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