Heating Boilers

Hunt Boilers have been manufacturing and supplying hot water heaters in Australia and for Export markets for over 45 years.

Our range has been designed and manufactured to ensure that we can provide effective and energy efficient products for most industrial heating applications.

The TNAR and ENVIROPAK products fully comply with Australian Standards such as AS1210, AS1228, AS4458, AS4343 and AS3920 and have been designed to meet any requirements for inspection and servicing.  

The VANTAGE series has been designed and manufactured to the International ASME standards.

Current products include:

  • TN-AR Horizontal Firetube from 300kW to 5MW
  • ENVIROPAK Green Energy Condensing Boilers from 200kW to 2.5MW
  • Fulton VANTAGE Green Energy Condensing Boilers from 586kW to 1.758MW
  • HRCU Heat Recovery Condensing Units from 100kW to 5MW
  • Thermal Oil Heating Boilers
  • Fulton FT-C Vertical Thermal Oil Heaters from 235kW to 4.1MW 
  • Fulton FT-HC Horizontal Thermal Oil Heaters from 700kW to 5.9MW
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