Forbes-Bryan Flexible Steam Boilers

The FORBES-BRYAN 'flexible' range of watertube steam boilers represent a range of energy efficient products which are manufactured in Australia to fully meet the requirements of the demanding steam industry.

They incorporate world leading technology, provided through an agreement with the Bryan Steam Corporation in the U.S.A., which together with many other features, include a unique ability to be able to replace individual tubes in less than 30 minutes.

They are manufactured in our Forbes' Adelaide workshops, configured for unattended operation, are available in capacities of 300 kW to 2000 kW, and suitable for a maximum working pressure of 1100 kPa.

The FORBES-BRYAN range is suitable for a wide range of fuels including Natural Gas, LPG, Bio Gas, Oil and various dual fuel options.

The key features of the product range include:

  • Flexible tube design for ease of replacement and high heat transfers
  • Rapid natural thermal internal circulation
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Multi-pass flue gas travel
  • Excellent accessibility for service and inspection
  • Large water volumes and steam space
  • Efficient heat utilization
  • Water level controls fitted directly into boiler drum
  • High class finish and appearance
  • Hot dipped galvanized base frames
  • Standard models suitable for 1,050 kPa operation
Model FRV800 in standard trim, natural gas fired using forced draft packaged burnerThe simple removal of inner and outer doors provides efficient access to the combustion chamber and tube bankModel FRV600 in standard trim, natural gas fired, installed back-to-back to reduce overall footprint
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